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Plans & Pricing:

* All plans come with a free 15 minute consultation.
Appointments will be available for at home/ on site/ or remote options.
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Welcome to Austin

$170/ meeting
Usually 1-4 meetings

New to Austin or planning a move?

This plan is suitable for families with an established diagnosis and set therapeutic plan who are moving to the greater Austin area.  Families who are looking to be situated, require help in finding optional schools, locations for different therapies, and other facilities to accommodate their child's needs.

Tree Planting

New to the Special Needs World? 

$150/ meeting
Usually 3-6 meetings

This plan is suitable for families who are just starting their journey into the special needs world.

In our meetings we will cover questions you might have, options for diagnoses and different therapies, learn about your rights within the different systems (state, school district & medical insurance), and your different options on how to proceed. 

Long Term Support

$135/ meeting
6 meetings and up

This plan is suitable for families just starting on the special needs journey, or are well on their way, who could benefit from multiple touch-points to evaluate therapy options and choices as they move forward, and ensure continued progress and guidance. 

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