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My Story

Nufar Inbar Valko


TX Lighthouse, Parent Guide.


My Name is Nufar Inbar-Valko, a wife and a proud mother of three.We lived in California when my middle child was almost 3 years old and not really verbal yet. We started asking questions about developmental milestones, doctors we might need to see and Early Intervention at the school district level. We had to push through in a system that decided that there was no rush to diagnose. We spent almost 2 years wrongly diagnosed, and being told we were hysterical  and looking in all the wrong places, before we decided to go private. We got two diagnosis - High functioning ASD & ADHD. We decided then and there to pull our child out of school and dedicate his learning time to private therapies, trying to make up for lost time. We had to teach ourselves a great deal of information in a short time.

After almost a year of daily therapies, we decided to try to return to the public school system. We were met with an unwilling teacher and a rigid system.

We packed our bags and moved to Texas!

Here we were able to search & find a support system that was able to accommodate our son's needs. It took some effort and a lot of prep work before the move, but we were able to accomplish a smooth move and a stable environment for all of us. 

Being a teacher for 17 years prior to the move, I had the privilege of working with many children, each with their own needs and challenges. Adding this experience to my son taught me how to support families through their challenges and help them navigate the different systems as they become aware of their needs and rights.   

I would be honored to be of help on your journey as well!

To listen to my interview on the Hill Country Business Podcast 
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