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Guiding parents through the world of special needs. 


Embarking on a journey in the special needs world can be daunting, with many unknowns to navigate. That's where Tx Lighthouse comes in – we're here to help you map out your steps and guide you along the various paths you may encounter. From finding suitable doctors and health insurance options, to taking action after a diagnosis, managing the school system, and identifying additional therapy providers, we'll work with you to pinpoint the tools you need to save time and money while accessing the right services for your child.
Together, we'll learn how to be the best possible case manager for your child.
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Jay R. Parent, Austin TX

“ Tx lighthouse offered great advice to help my son thrive with amazing ambassador work through his IEP/ARD to push him to grow and not be left behind.”

A. K, Parent, Austin TX

"When our son was diagnosed with ASD 3.5 years ago, Nufar was a ray of light who guided us throughout this critical and challenging period."

Melissa E. Parent, CA

“ Nufar’s expertise and guidance have shaped my medically complex/ADHD son’s academic path for years. I am forever grateful that she listened deeply when I was at my most vulnerable and the stakes were higher than ever. She is kind, forthright, wise beyond her years”
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Servicing the Greater Austin area.

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